Horsemanship Lessons & Horse Training

The South’s Premier Equine Training Facility

With a newly designed obstacle course, lighted arena, and live cattle combined with hundreds of acres of fields and woods, this makes our facility one of the premier equine training facilities in the deep south. There is usually a waiting list so call now and get ready to see both you and your horse transformed.

Where can I get my horse trained by a professional?

While Great River Outdoors caters mostly to the Natchez tourism industry, Double C Ranch is a fully functional horse training facility. When we aren’t entertaining and educating tourist about the rich history of Mississippi, or hosting ATV & horseback riding tours, we’re training horses. David Carter’s true love and passion is training horses. That’s right! Horse training is how it all started. More than 1,100 horses have been trained by David over the last 20 years. Every horse breed, discipline, and issue has made its way to the Double C Ranch. Despite the past or issue of any horse, David’s methods and progressive steps of training is proven in most every situation. David continues to change horses and their owners all over the United States.

Horse Training Program

EMM Finals Performance

Master horseman David Carter training horses for a client

David Carter Bio

David is the owner of the Double C Ranch and founder Great River Outdoors. He has an immense background in public speaking and agriculture. He holds multiple degrees in agriculture, business, and education. A well known master horseman, David has many titles, achievements and honors confirming his abilities. These skills are displayed daily throughout the year working on the ranch, at demonstrations and during tours of our property. He has worked for over 16 years as a 4-H and county agent for Mississippi State University as well as the LSU AgCenter Extension Service. David has gained tremendous knowledge in every aspect of production agriculture, horticulture, forestry, and wildlife & fisheries.

In addition to horse training, David had the idea to start Great River Outdoors. After giving a tour to a group of riverboat passengers in 2014, he realized there was a need for this service. David wanted people to enjoy and see our culture. He thought, what better way to experience the Mississippi outdoors than on ATVs and on horseback just like he does everyday. David has personally developed every trail and activity too maximize the breathtaking scenery. He has also developed educational opportunities on the ranch and most importantly he has created explosive entertainment for all his guests.

So whether your horse needs training or you need to get away for a bit, you’ll enjoy David’s company and he’ll enjoy meeting you!

Natchez ATV tours group visiting Double C Ranch
ATV Riding

Hop on one of our Honda ATVs and embark on an adventure through the Natchez backwoods. Our tour guides are ready to ride.

Tourist meet and greet with horses in the barn Kingston Mississippi
Horseback Riding

Just a few miles outside of Natchez, see Mississippi from horseback. Learn of the Jersey Settlers, who founded Kingston Plantation.

Staff of Double C Ranch giving instruction to a tourist group prior to a guided ATV tour Natchez Mississippi
About Us

Great River Outdoors is located at the Double C Ranch in historic Kingston. See Natchez through the eyes of the Jersey Settlers.

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