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Meet the great team that makes Great River Outdoors at the Double C Ranch in Natchez, Mississippi the best tour experience around. We do what we love and it show. Giving you a great outdoor adventure and pleasant experience is our goal!

David Carter training rodeo horses
David Carter

David is the owner of the Double C Ranch and founder Great River Outdoors. He has an immense background in public speaking and agriculture with multiple degrees in agriculture, business, and education. He packs more knowledge and fun into every tour than can be absorbed in just a few hours which is why many people want to come back and experience it again. Read More >>

Paige Carter

Paige is the quiet voice behind the Double C Ranch and Great River Outdoors. Paige grew up riding horses, barrel racing, and spending time in the outdoors with her father. She keeps the operation running smoothly and guarantees southern hospitality for every person that walks onto the grounds of the Double C Ranch. You may even be gifted with having her as part of your trip!

Harper Carter

While only a teenager Harper is one of the highlights of your experience when not in school, playing sports, or riding her horses. Harper loves riding horses and maintaining the cow herd at the Double C Ranch. In the summer time she helps lead horseback excursions and gives roping, archery, tomahawk, and bullwhip popping demonstrations.

Mackenzie Boyd Pugh

Mackenzie puts the flavor and fun into Great River Outdoors. Growing up in Southwest Mississippi, Mackenzie knows as much about our indigenous culture as anyone in the area. While Mackenzie was a standout athlete in high school, before attending college she also spent all her free time hunting, fishing, riding ATVs, hand catching catfish, and everything else in the outdoors that seems fun and challenging. Don’t let her fool you, while she may look like a beauty queen she can also be as rough and tough as any of the southern boys. Mackenzie is our top guide and guarantees that every person that comes on a tour leaves with memories and experiences that will last a lifetime

Virginia Salmon

Virginia and her grandson Gibson own and resides on Hillside Plantation. Here Virginia she has become well known for her conservation efforts and progressive land management. As a former school teacher, elected official, and official of many local agencies and boards she looks forward to welcoming every group to the Kingston community. Hillside Plantation, under the management of Virginia, is the primary location for most of our educational and entertainment stops for Great River Outdoors. So be sure to take a deep breath and smell the fresh air and flowers while traversing the land and bring your camera along and capture all the memories you can.

School ranch tour visiting the horses at Double C Ranch on Kingston Plantation

Rebel is a retired 27-year old sorrel gelding. He was given to Paige Carter by her father, Kinney Carlton, for a sweet 16 birthday present. He was born and raised right here in Natchez, MS. He is the oldest and largest horse on the Double C Ranch. While once a heading horse in the team roping world, he is now enjoying life on the ranch taking easy trail rides and eating most of the day. If needed he is still known to help round up cows and work around the ranch from time to time if needed. He loves people and is usually one of the the first to greet people that come to the ranch.


Silverado is a 16-year old bay mustang, that was adopted in 2008 in Pauls Valley, Ok, in preparation for the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Worth, Texas. Silverado has truly lived up to the reputation of an American legend. He has been used in live events more than any other horse ever to step on the Double C Ranch. To date he has been seen at; nursing homes, elementary schools, military events, church events, training seminars, special needs children events, Christmas & Mardi Gras parades, trick or treat functions, and more. Name an occasion that would bring a smile, hope, and joy to people’s faces and he’s more than likely been there. He has also spent some time competing in the show ring. Today his main rider is Mary Collins who loves to take him to check on Fred, Poncho, and the calves. He’s also used for guest that need confidence. Very caring, Silverado is our most loved photographed animal. Be sure to take your picture with him, he loves it.

palamino gelding horse at double c ranch near Natchez, Mississippi

Cinch is a 14 year old palamino gelding given as a gift to Coleman Carter by the late Phil Vassar, a legendary master horseman from Natchez, MS. When Phil was a boy, Paige Carter’s great grandfather Doris Ballew, oil man and founder of the Mississippi Quarter Horse and Mississippi Cattleman’s Association, gave Phil one of his first horses. Before Phil could return the favor he passed away, so over 70 years later Phil returned the favor by giving this phenomenal gelding to Doris’s great-great grandson. Coleman learned how to rope and ride on this horse that has been used heavily for working cows and running the ranch. Today Harper Carter uses him for barrel racing and he is one of the gentlest horses we have that guest enjoy seeing the place on.

bay mare making friends at retirement home in historic Natchez

Cash is a 20-year-old bay mare that has seen and done it all. She was purchased at a sale in Luflkin, Texas as a 2-year-old back in 2003 and has been with David Carter ever since. She has competed in ranch horse, reining, cutting, and extreme trail competitions over her career and is still used for roping and ranch work today. Outside the show ring, Cash has been David’s go to horse for school functions, training seminars, and showing for over 15 years. While she is impressive in the showring and working she also has a huge bag of tricks, stunts, and cool little surprised she has been trained to do that wows crowds and helps teach many life lessons to kids and adults in many different life areas. While her workload has reduced now her favorite rider is Harper Carter. Cash is still regularly is used checking cows and going on trail rides and is often one of our lead horses on guest rides.

In Loving Memory of Wayne Rabb
Wayne Rabb and his horse Reno Natchez Mississippi Sheriff's Rodeo

A lot of people have had major roles in the early vision we hoped to turn into Great River Outdoors at the Double C Ranch. However, no one had a  single greater influence than Wayne Rabb. Wayne was the Chief Deputy for the Adams County Sherrif Department and, along with his son Bryan and grandson Colton, was a close friend and mentor to David Carter. Wayne was most instrumental in bringing the vision and enthusiasm for horse back riding tours. Wayne was a devout Christian, accomplished horseman, loyal friend, and committed family man. He also enjoyed riding motorcycles, loving his grandchildren, and serving his community. Wayne was vital in starting the Adams County Sheriffs Rodeo in 2010 which has been renamed the Wayne Rabb Memorial Rodeo. His funeral was one of the largest attended in the history of Adams County where thousands mourned his passing, David Carter gave his eulogy.

The first trail ride given had a lone saddled horse in the group with no rider. This was for Wayne as we will forever dream of him retiring and riding with us. The Carter and Rabb family remain the closest of friends to this day.

The Annual Adams County Sheriff Department Rodeo is named in his honor and is now known as The Wayne Rabb Memorial Rodeo.

Family photo with 4 generations of cow girls on Kingston Plantation near Natchez Mississippi

Remembering KC

While KC is no longer with us, we can’t talk about horses and not mention him. KC was part of four generations of our family. Named after Kinney Carlton, KC was loved and ridden by more than one can count. Early in life he was used for roping and barrel racing, along with working cattle, trail riding, and anything a person wanted to do on a horse. In retirement, he was loved on by kids and would always visit any child that came around. Most of the Carter and Carlton kids learned to ride on him. He’s buried under the live oak trees behind the barn, a place he would often rest.

Tour group exploring rural Natchez on Honda ATVs while touring Double C Ranch.
ATV Adventures

Hop on one of our Honda ATVs and embark on an adventure through the Natchez backwoods. Our tour guides are ready to ride.

Introducing tourists prior to horseback riding tour near Natchez MIssissippi
Horseback Riding

Just a few miles outside of Natchez, see Mississippi from horseback. Learn of the Jersey Settlers, who founded Kingston Plantation.

David Carter training horses in Natchez Mississippi
Horse Training

We are the premier equine training facility in the deep south. Call now to get on the waiting list. You and your horse will be transformed.

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